Atn Function

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Description: Returns a Double specifying the arctangent of a number Syntax: Atn(number)

number Required. A numeric expression

Return Data Type: Double Usage / Example Code:

StatementResult / ValueRemark / Note
atn(1) 0.785398163397448  
atn(53) 1.55193064077323  
atn(5.3) 1.38430942512768  
atn(-1) -0.785398163397448  
atn(1)*4 3.14159265358979 Value of pi
atn(0) 0  
atn(unknown) 0 Uninitialized variable
atn(null) Error Run-time error '94': Invalid use of Null
atn("string") Error Run-time error '13': Type mismatch
atn("5.3") 1.38430942512768 Number as string
atn(True) -0.785398163397448 True - Non zero
atn(False) 0 Zero
atn() Error Compile error: Argument not optional

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